W  I  L  D      S  H  E  L  T  E  R


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About Wild Shelter

The Waeyenbergh brothers, Alexandre and Adrien, established Wild Shelter in 2014. They began playing music together from a young age and both attended the Franz Constant Academy in Auderghem. They both then followed classical and acoustic training and have performed numerous concerts and worked on many projects with this prestigious academy.

The pair continues to maintain a passion for music. Adrien finished his sound engineer training at the SAE Institute in 2012 and Alexandre gets a communication degree in 2013.

The two brothers continue to play and compose together and in 2014 they decided to create a musical project that aims to combine rock and folk sounds within an electronic environment.

Exploring a universe where indie rock flirts with dark electronica, Wild Shelter is a mixture of melancholic melodies and thumping rhythmic beats that you won’t be able to keep still to.

In 2015 Wild Shelter was formed and they wrote their first EP "All is Bright" which was completely composed and produced by Alexander and Adrien.



"ALL IS BRIGHT"  the debut EP from wild shelter is now available for FREE download on bandcamp. Get it now via the link below!